Q: Some of the concepts include billboard executions and some don’t—why? 

A: Some ideas work better in some places than others. Each idea is executed in the mediums we feel it will work strongest.  


Q: Should I only use specific marketing pieces for their designated uses?

A: While we have created pieces especially directed to specific audiences (like to attract a single person or experienced parent), these are suggested uses. You’ll find many pieces can work in many ways. Some of the ads can be printed on 11x17 paper and distributed to local churches or businesses who may permit them to be hung on a bulletin board. Or blown up larger to have at one of your events. Billboards could be used as bus cards or printed onto 11x17 paper mounted to foam board and hung around 
your office. 


Q: Why do the radio tag options refer to my agency as Children Services when my agency’s official name is Department of Job and Family Services? 

A: Everything we do, we do for the benefit of the listener—to first awaken the potential foster parent inside and then provide them an easy next step. That person has just encountered the idea of ‘needy children’ and is feeling the desire to possibly include one in their life—that is the precise context of their concern and Children Services simply speaks to it more naturally than Jobs and Family Services. Along with your county’s name, it’s easier to remember, too. Though, if you still wish to include your formal name in your radio spot, you can always do so by contacting us and making the special request.


Q: Should I include my phone number in the radio? 

A: If you know many residents in your community have limited access to the internet, yes. Otherwise, stick with a tag that simply urges the listener to contact your agency (everybody finds everybody using the internet these days), or make use of promoting the FosterNeedToKnow.com landing page you are now a part of—and where any interested individual (who is now better qualified since they now have a better idea of everything it takes to become a foster parent) can easily find all your contact information and continue their journey towards fostering.


Q: Shouldn’t I always include my agency’s logo in all my communications? 

A: The reason somebody will be interested in pursuing fostering will not be your logo. It will be something deeply personal in them, something that—hopefully—you have just helped spark and awaken through the impact, feel and ultimate human truth of the message they are encountering. Give that message a chance to be as powerful as it can be. It is always best to minimize distractions (like too many graphic doo-dads fighting for attention) and allow that message to do its job first—create desire. Once that heavy lifting has been achieve, the person will want to know who is talking to them—and that can be achieved by simply stating your agency name in type, or actively giving them an immediate course of action by going to FosterNeedToKnow.com.


Q: So I should never include my agency’s logo in my communications?

A: There’s the right time for everything. In a piece of ‘quick’ communication (billboard, print ad, etc)  when making an instant impact is imperative, your logo may simply get in the way—overtly announcing ‘this is an ad!’—and hinder the power of the encounter, thereby working against your goal. This is why having your logo inserted is not an option on most of the external pieces, where only so much can be accomplished with the given media. Other parts of your overall communications effort can—and should—contain your actual logo (ie.a poster where people can linger as they read, internal pieces that may hang outside your offices or at an event). A place for everything and everything in its place.


Q: Should I have all pieces professionally printed?

A: Depends on the quality of your office printer, and what you’ll be using the marketing piece to accomplish. You’ll be receiving print-ready PDFs that can be sent to publications and billboard companies for them to print. You may want to use a local quick print shop to create a higher quality print-out of the 4-page brochure, or 11 x 17 poster that you want hanging semi-permanently near your entrance or to use at a bigger public event. But many of the pieces you can print yourself, stick to foam core, and hang around the office or use as ‘table tents’ during your smaller events.


Q: What if there is an item I could use that isn’t in this program?

A: In June, you will have the chance to request specific items you may need, or maybe already have and use but want to improve the quality of--we’ll be gathering requests from all subscribers like yourself, and the four most popular requests will get a place on our drawing board. Then, over the next months, we will be introducing these new marketing pieces and add them to the library of materials that is available for your use.